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TEK DECK (2021)


I love gaming projects in which you can play many games using a single deck of cards, I've been thinking of making a deck of mine and here it is. I'm naming it TEKDECK, "TEK" means "ONLY" in Turkish.

This deck contains cards from 1-120 in four different colors. And a single life tracker card for the game "The Mind". The link takes you to the geeklist which includes a list of games that can be played with the TEKDECK. 

Shark (1987)


What do you do when you both own and love Acquire and Big Boss, but can’t find Shark anywhere? You sit down and redesign the whole game from scratch.

Cockroach Poker (2004)

There are eight planets, and I have a friend who loves space and bluffing games. That's why I created Solar Poker.


Modern Art (1992)


There are quite a few rethemes out there for this gem designed by Reiner Knizia. I've made it all about movies rather than paintings. Movie posters are in five categories: Action, Biography, Horror, Romance, and Comedy.

It's easy to distinguish which is which.

12 Days (2011)


Not everyone wants to celebrate Xmas, I know. So, I've made it about 12 Animals from the Chinese Zodiac.

I personally like this theme better than the original.

Exploding Kittens (2015)


Well, "Kitten" means "Kedicik" in Turkish, so I don't want to write here what the theme has changed into. 

The link directly takes you to the download page. 

Chinatown (1999)


I call this one, Suritown. Turkish people now easily relate to the business tiles in the game.

Catan (1995)


I wanted to play the biggest map available on the mobile version, but there wasn't a physical copy.

So, I've changed the artwork completely and tweaked some rules too. I call this one, QATAR.

Condottiere (1995)


Another great little game that is out of print. I've changed the map to the map of ancient Istanbul, localized all the cards, and named the game, Padishah.

Coup (2012)


This one was -I think- my earliest retheming project. I've made it about Pokemons.

Spyfall (2014)


I've created 30 new locations from scratch and put all the location names and scoring on the back of the cards for a smoother gameplay experience. A new agent card design is added too.

Herbaceous (2017)


I made this years ago for my wife's birthday, and these are her favorite plants.

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