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Are you a passionate board game designer, dreaming of getting your creations into the hands of players worldwide? As someone living in a developing country, I understand the challenges you face. Attending pitch meetings, conventions, or industry events like Essen might be out of reach, but that hasn’t stopped me from achieving success.

Since 2019, I’ve been meticulously curating an Excel file containing essential information about publishers open to submissions. This comprehensive database includes details such as BGG usernames, contact information, and basic profiles. With over 25,000 publishers registered on BoardGameGeek, finding the right ones can be overwhelming.
But fear not—I’ve done the legwork for you!

What You’ll Get:

1. Exclusive Access: By supporting an independent designer like me, you’ll gain access to this invaluable resource. Say goodbye to endless online searches and guesswork!

2. Up-to-Date Data: The file is current as of May 2024. I’m committed to maintaining it, adding new publishers, and ensuring accuracy.

3. Ongoing Support: As long as I’m in the industry (which won’t be ending anytime soon!), you’ll benefit from my continuous updates.

Join My Patreon for Just $10 a Month!

Invest in your game design journey. Skip the years of data gathering—I’ve got you covered.

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